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What You Don't Know About Yourself

Getting the feedback you need

High performance leaders help people identify what they don't know about themselves so they can choose wisely.

We all have things that we don't know about ourselves - things that we do or say that may not be contributing to our goals. High performance leaders take the courage and compassion needed to share that feedback with their team members and peers.

What we don't know about ourselves can damage our performance and relationships. Think of some people that you've known who seem to make the same mistakes over and over, or who repeatedly exhibit counter-productive behaviors.

Maybe they have an anger problem. Maybe they forget to gain consensus. Maybe they bulldoze their way thru a decision without gaining any support. There are hundreds of things we do each day that could get in the way of our success.

If you notice these "blind spots" in other people, isn't it likely that you have a few of your own?

High performance leaders encourage other people to reveal their blind spots. Asking others to let you know what you've been missing about yourself encourages them to give you the feedback you need to raise your own performance. It also deepens your relationship and makes it easier to share the same type of feedback with others.

While we can choose to reveal as much about ourselves as we know, it is also useful to face the fact that there are some things we just don't know. Other people can help us with that.

Who can you share this valuable type of feedback with today?

What is it about your own performance that might be getting in the way?

Keep in mind that there may be some feedback that is tough for you to hear. Be sure to take your time and thank the other person for the feedback. Getting defensive will not help you here. Get quiet and thoughtful, and take your feedback for the gift that it is.

- Douglas Brent Smith

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